What's Included

The cost for the entire three-week McNeese Field Biology Research Experience is $3850.

What is Included:


All Meals

Buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner at McNeese State University cafeteria. Rowdy's Cafeteria offers a large selection of freshly-prepared southern foods (classic Cajun dishes, seafood, etc.), a large salad and fruit bar, and an assortment of American favorites (hamburgers, pizza, french fries, etc.). Vegetarian options are widely available.

A couple times per week we will eat at local restaurants, and we will also grill burgers and hot dogs.

Backpack and T-shirt

Each student will receive a McNeese Field Biology Research t-shirt, a Field Backpack, a weather-proof field notebook, and a binder for classroom materials. Field guides will be provided to students for various activities (to be returned).

Travel To All Activities

Round trip travel to all field sites and the Houston leisure field trip

All Bedding Materials

blankets, sheets, pillows, and pillow cases

Fishing licenses and supplies for crabbing trip

Supplies for Outdoor Activities

Supplies such as sunscreen and insect repellents will be provided for all outdoor activities

What is NOT Included:

What Should I Bring?

Students will spend a substantial amount of time in the field. The climate in southern Louisiana is humid with daytime high temperatures for this region ranging into the 90s, with lows typically 75-80 degrees F.

Clothing Appropriate for field work. Clothing might become wet, dirty, muddy during field work, and thus several changes of clothing are suggested for each trip. Students should bring quick-dry field shirts, short/pants, durable field shoes or hiking boots, hat, sunglasses, etc.

Note - students will have opportunities to wash clothes free of charge. However, several days of clothing will be needed for multi-day, overnight field trips.